Our Retreats Are For You, If...

You are on a journey of self-awareness and mastery.

You are passionate about activating your inner power, living life with intent, movement, meditation, gratitude, self-love, and aligning your mind, body and soul to consciously create a life you love.


You are eager to explore life from a higher perspective, including how to balance your divine feminine and masculine energies so that you live life with grace, ease and creativity, while successfully integrating focus, structure and inspired action to transform your life.

You are ready to dive deep within yourself and expand your consciousness.


When you join us on one of our transformative retreats, expect your limiting beliefs and fears to be challenged and transcended.


You will find the courage to face and detach from the person you thought you were based on others' opinions and childhood / societal programming so that you no longer feel like others or life itself are responsible for where you are at right now and instead you allow yourself to thrive. 


This experience is designed to provide you with the space, tools and practices that will allow you to become aware of yourself, gain clarity and a whole new perspective about life, and the power you have in creating your reality every single day. 

You will come together with other amazing humans to discover, reconnect and align with your true essence, empowered state, higher self.


You will learn how to align your mind, body and soul so that you create and live a joyful, loving, peaceful, passionate and prosperous life.

You already posses all that you desire!


So, we're inviting you to join us on this mesmerizing journey to explore and embody your greatness and transform your life! 



  • Feeling so empowered that you are showing up as the most authentic version of yourself every single day.

  • Fully trusting your inner wisdom to guide you on your journey, that others' opinions and expectations are no longer influencing your decisions.

  • Choosing love over fear and creating your life from a place of infinite potential.​​

  • Letting go of the past, forgiving yourself and others and moving forward with a sense of peace and inner joy.

  • Being so in tune with your truth that you gracefully and easily say YES only to what is for your highest good.​

  • A reality in which you are consciously designing your life experiences and waking up every morning with a smile on your face, a sense of gratitude and fulfillment.

All of it is more than possible and you deserve to live your greatest life now!

Our immersive luxury retreats take place in stunning locations and are designed to support you in transforming your life.

Solo and group activities will facilitate you expanding your consciousness, exploring and activating your true potential, gaining clarity on your life vision, transcending your fears, connecting with your most heartfelt desires, elevating your relationship with yourself and gaining new perspectives on life.

Whatever your intention for the retreat, we'd like you to know that this is a gift to yourself, and you are deserving of deep transformation and healing, of feeling empowered, inspired and rejuvenated.

We're very grateful and excited to have you join!

retreats allow clarity - founders Lory & Neo

Your Hosts...

Hi there! We're Lory and Neo, curious, enthusiastic, passionate and intuitive Transformational Coaches, dedicated to guiding you on your self-mastery journey and facilitating the expansion of your awareness.

We're delighted and grateful to have you join us and look forward to meeting you on our transformative retreats, which provide a safe space for you to grow, align your mind, body and soul, form meaningful connections, dive deep within yourself, laugh, cry, and everything in-between. 

You're Invited!

Imagine what it will feel like to be free, happier, empowered, to truly know yourself, to connect with others on a soul level, to feel revitalized and trust in your intuition and inner power like never before! You deserve this.